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Insurance agency business Models

Social & Digital business for your insurance agency

Social & Digital business for your insurance agencyYou don’t need social & digital media, you need Social & Digital business for your insurance agency.

Obviously social & digital media is part of this new type of business model…it is just a minor part of it

And the model I am speaking of….It’s not like this model is new, it’s not. It’s been here 4-5 years now.

Is this the model of your agency?

Are you positioning your agency for what is to come?

The Podcast

Ever since I have released the above podcast last week on I have received many comments similar to this:

Jason, great podcasts. Congratulations on a one year anniversary, been following since you started. I thought we were a digital agency but now I see how much more we can do.


This is excellent and I will sharing this and your website with all my agents and my peers. ALL the BIGWIG and other podcasts are awesome ! You are right on track. Will be listening to these a bunch of times. And share, share, share w/ IA. Congrats on you one year in March. Cannot believe I just found this a few weeks ago.

Social & Digital businessTHANK YOU!!!

The Blueprint

In this podcast I give what I call “The Blueprint”. It is a top to bottom idea of what you need to do to move your agency to a Social and Digital business.

Keep in mind it is from a 30, 000 ft. view but the ideas it should spur in your head are endless. The full step by step guide will be released in DIMA.

This model will set the independent agent free and separate ourselves from the captives and directs.

We will finally use our power of choice and options. Not just with our products, but with the choices we create to make the process of the client as smooth and easy as possible. You do this by having a Social & Digital business.

I hope you like this and if you think it is worth it, please share this with someone you know or share it through your networks.

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