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Agency Business Model & Structure


Agencies decoupled: threat or opportunity?

The latest iteration of the disintermediation of the agency industry is the unbundling of ideation from execution. Or, in client-speak, “decoupling.” When a marketer hires TBWA/Chiat/Day for creative development and Tag Worldwide for production and d …

Red Paper

Seven Ways to Deconstruct Your Agency’s Business Model

Asking the question “What is the ideal agency model?” is like asking how long a piece of string should be. The answer is, of course, that it depends. There are many agency models that are successful today, and transforming your own model starts with …


The impossible job of the Account Executive and what to do about it

Many if not most account people in agencies were brought up in a model where the “account executive” was expected to handle an incredibly ambitious list of responsibilities ranging from the up-front strategy work to the post-production billing. But inc …


Where agency profits come from

Consider the deceptively simply question, “Where do profits come from?” When you pose this question to a group of agency professionals, the answers will typically include such things as clients, hours worked, and even efficiency. But the real answer …

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