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Direct marketing business model


Effect of the economy on TAKKT's value and growth driversThe companies in the TAKKT Group focus exclusively on the systems business of B2B direct marketing.

Using this concept, the individual subsidiaries concentrate on the sales and distribution of products from the business equipment sector.

The TAKKT Group has positioned itself in this way for the following reasons:

  • B2B direct marketing is a systems business that can be monitored and controlled efficiently.
  • As a distribution channel, direct marketing has clear competitive advantages over traditional retail and wholesale distribution channels and personal forms of sales and distribution. The relatively low number of personnel required for direct marketing is particularly advantageous.
  • TAKKT concentrates on products in the business equipment sector primarily due to the price-insensitivity of such products and the strong fragmentation of the supplier base. Price-insensitive products ensure a stable gross profit margin independent of economic trends. The fragmented supplier base is an important support of the business model and of the added value TAKKT offers its customers as a direct marketing business. Only direct marketing can efficiently bundle the offers of several hundred suppliers and provide them to customers, together with a complete service concept, in an attractive way.

There are four value and growth drivers in the TAKKT business model:

1. the acquisition of new customers,
2. the number of orders per customer,
3. the average order value and
4. the resulting gross profit margin.

Successfully attracting and retaining new customers logically leads to more orders and determines the volume of activities. The added value of the activities, however, depends heavily on the development of the average order value and a stable gross profit.

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