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Internet business models and strategies

Strategic Principles for Internet Businesses

This mini-course focuses on strategic principles that are important for understanding and managing Internet businesses. The strategic principles examined in this course apply to a range of businesses, but are especially important for businesses whose products and services are offered via the Internet. We explore how these principles apply to companies whose businesses are primarily on the web, and secondarily to “bricks and mortar” companies that conduct a portion of their business through the web.

Most class sessions include readings written for managers that explain core strategic principles. To gain a greater understanding of how these principles apply to Internet businesses, we will use cases that describe both successful and not-so-successful Internet businesses, as well as cases where the jury is still out. Strong student involvement during the class sessions is an integral part of the course.

The learning objectives for this course are twofold:

  • to provide an analytical foundation for understanding important determinants of success or failure of strategies and business models for Internet businesses
  • to provide practice applying these frameworks and concepts. More broadly, the course aims to inform your judgment when developing and evaluating strategies and business models for Internet businesses.

The concepts and frameworks in this course should be helpful to anyone who deals with strategic issues concerning the Internet. Therefore, the course may be of interest to a broad set of managers, consultants, entrepreneurs, investors, and analysts.

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