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Retail business model Canvas

Blog: 7 Applications of the Business Model Canvas

Business Models in action

By Remco Blom, Business Innovator and Enterprise Architecture consultant © BiZZdesign, 2012

In an earlier post we introduced the Business Model Canvas™ and discussed pros and cons. We see the pros are far bigger than the cons and many of the cons mentioned are relatively easy to compensate. But in what occasion can you apply the canvas? At BiZZdesign we help organizations with many questions in the field of business design and change. For answering the following questions the Business Model Canvas has proven to be a very useful tool:

1. “We have the best idea in de the world! At least… We think it’s pretty good… What’s next?”
2. “What do the fancy slides from the boardroom really mean for us?”
3. “We need new ways to do business. What are our options?”
4. “We have a lot of projects, but can’t do them all at the same time. What’s most important and what sequence makes sense?“
5. “Of course we have all required architecture views and process models, but why are people not using them?”
6. “Focusing on doing things right is great, but don’t we need to think about doing the right things?"
7. “We find ourselves discussing the same things over and over again. Is there something to structure the discussion?”

1. Start-up and service design

“We have the best idea in de the world! At least… We think it’s pretty good… What’s next?”

A great product or service idea doesn’t bring you success instantly. Most ideas tend to come from the inside of companies, where you and your colleagues feel, see and experience that your team is very good at doing a certain job. The first thing to do, is to think of a value proposition and potential customers. Which problem are we solving? And who’s problem is this? Are customers willing to pay, or do we need an alternative revenue model? The structure of the Business Model Canvas helps you add the other relevant elements necessary to turn your idea into an implementable business model. You have to check facts and figures, get in touch with potential customers and create a plan on the creation of the necessary infrastructure. Consider yourself blessed working in a Greenfield environment! All options are open.

Businesses are really stupid

by -

I am flat-out stunned when a business has allowed itself to become so dependent on computers that they have to close when the computers fail.
In some cases - you can't help it. Design engineers, when the simulation machine dies, can't work. Process controls are automated by a PC.
But retail sales? Oh, come ON, make sure every cashier knows how to write out a sales slip. After the power is restored or the network comes back up, someone in the back room manually enters the data, and the inventory is updated and you're done.
My brother works at a car dealership

Senior Demand Planner

by InventoryControl

Kansas City: Demand Planner
Hallmark Cards, one of the world’s most beloved consumer brands, has an opportunity for a DSenior Demand Planner. The Demand Planner (DP) is responsible for developing shipment (demand) forecasts that reflect customer and consumer demand. The DP is responsible for building and communicating a forecast that is based on historical data, retail demand, future planned activities, internal/external factors and input from key business partners. The DP is responsible for selecting the most appropriate forecast model or methodology to generate an accurate demand forecast

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