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Disruptive retail business models

New Mobile, Fixed and Wholesale Broadband Business Models

From "Dumb Pipe" to "Happy Pipe"

Produced by Disruptive Analysis and published by Telco 2.0 / STL Partners

Both fixed and mobile broadband markets will continue growing in revenues, up to $416bn in 2020, but operators face some hard decisions about future business models, according to a study published by the Telco 2.0TM Initiative and co-authored by research & consulting firm Disruptive Analysis.

The new report, “Mobile, Fixed & Wholesale Broadband Business Models: Best Practice Innovation, ‘Telco 2.0' Opportunities, Forecasts and Future Scenarios” finds that telecom operators will benefit from both new types of broadband wholesale, and more sophisticated direct-to-user retail propositions and tariffs.

Recent introductions of new tiered and capped wireless Internet data plans are early evidence of this trend.

options.gifKey findings from the report include:

· Global broadband access is forecast to increase from 4bn in 2010, to 6bn in 2020, an increase of 52% in revenue terms.

· More than half the revenue growth will come from wholesale and “two-sided” fees for improved access capacity and quality. This means revenue from parties other than the end-user themselves.

· By 2020, mobile broadband will be worth $138bn, or 32% of the total broadband access industry revenues.

· Three new revenue streams are identified: “Bulk Wholesale”, “Comes with Data”, “Slice and Dice”.

· New ‘upstream’ customers are forecast to generate over $90 billion in broadband revenues globally by 2020.

Today, many operators fear the supposed risks of becoming “dumb pipes”, but the study suggests the forecast market value means the term “happy pipe” is more appropriate for some. Certain telecom carriers will be able to add further value through enhanced “Telco 2.0” value-add services and platforms, but it is important to note that the basic carriage of data can itself be profitable and a source of substantial growth.

offload.gifThe incremental revenue opportunity for new “slice and dice” wholesale business models in mobile broadband alone is forecast to be bn worldwide by 2020.

The report covers:

  • Best practice innovation, and detailed assessment of ‘Telco 2.0' opportunities, in Mobile Broadband, Advanced New Wholesale, and Fixed Retail Broadband Business Models
  • Four scenarios for broadband market players: ‘Telco 2.0 Player', ‘Happy Piper', ‘Device Specialist', and ‘Government Department'
  • Covering mobile broadband (HSPA, WiMAX, LTE) and ADSL, cable, fibre
  • Detailed discussion about whether broadband providers can develop new revenue streams from content providers, Internet players and cloud application developers
  • Disruptive Analysis / Telco 2.0's forecasts for the Broadband Access market
  • An advanced and detailed ‘Use Case' for a specific Telco 2.0 Opportunity, ‘Managed Offload of Mobile Broadband to Fixed Networks'
  • Conclusions and recommendations for Telcos and other Broadband Service providers (BSPs) and their partners

I do have examples from several consultants

by RedHotSexBomb

And companies that have worked with them after the CEO had his "epiphany," like contracting with Adam Werbach's company, ActNow (which was recently purchased by Saatchi & Saatchi) and other policies and departments they have created inside the company. Again, it's a large undertaking and they are grappling with where social responsibility fits into their business model as it currently exists, but the movement has started. They are moving further away from being ranked with companies like Nestle and Exxon/Mobile (in the bottom 10 when it comes to corporate social and environmental practices), but are still a far cry from companies like Patagonia and InterfaceFlor

From someone who sells cars for a living

by SilverSand2021

Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in. Unlike asshats who make a general statement that "all Brand XYZ cars are *garbage*" (yeah, OK, and the company that has made them for DECADES stays in business... how?), I actually have real-world experience dealing with used cars.
First of all, ANY car can have problems. It all depends on how well you care for it. Some people that come to our shop have cars that are less than 3 years old, yet have all kinds of issues.
On the other hand, I've had an 89 Olds Eighty Eight that had 267 thousand miles on it when I DROVE IT into the crusher

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