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Company business model examples

Promising Innovations of Business Models for Sustainability

businessmen-152572_1280Innovation usually means doing things in a different way or bringing about a change in the way we do things. Most people associate innovation with new technologies; others argue that innovation could also mean the way we bring new things to market. With the latest advancements in technology, there have also been improvements and innovations in the way businesses make money – business model innovation.

Business model and sustainability

Business model refers to a company’s policies towards their business operations, and the way they make money. A business model involves establishing target customer, reaching the target customers, cost structure, and profit margins. Sustainability is not only a ‘buzz word’ among businesses but it has become mainstream practice to integrate sustainability into business models.

The five Cs of business models

In a blog posted on Sustainability

132093750_bd2babbd60_oCustomers and consumers

Business cannot operate without customers or consumers. Needs of the customer stays at the top of the list of any business, and customers should not be asked to sacrifice. Many companies feel that visualization is the key when it comes to securing customers. Some companies are promoting affordable leasing of valuable products. Recycling and the application of innovative mining technology to salvage valuable metals, minerals, and plastics from landfills is also a priority among companies.

Capabilities & Culture

Capabilities and Culture do not secure customers but they set them free. Enabling innovation requires both skills and mindset throughout the organization. Some company culture may serve as an obstacle to innovation, and therefore, these companies should rethink and evaluate their capabilities or culture to unlock innovation.

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I do have examples from several consultants

by RedHotSexBomb

And companies that have worked with them after the CEO had his "epiphany," like contracting with Adam Werbach's company, ActNow (which was recently purchased by Saatchi & Saatchi) and other policies and departments they have created inside the company. Again, it's a large undertaking and they are grappling with where social responsibility fits into their business model as it currently exists, but the movement has started. They are moving further away from being ranked with companies like Nestle and Exxon/Mobile (in the bottom 10 when it comes to corporate social and environmental practices), but are still a far cry from companies like Patagonia and InterfaceFlor

From someone who sells cars for a living

by SilverSand2021

Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in. Unlike asshats who make a general statement that "all Brand XYZ cars are *garbage*" (yeah, OK, and the company that has made them for DECADES stays in business... how?), I actually have real-world experience dealing with used cars.
First of all, ANY car can have problems. It all depends on how well you care for it. Some people that come to our shop have cars that are less than 3 years old, yet have all kinds of issues.
On the other hand, I've had an 89 Olds Eighty Eight that had 267 thousand miles on it when I DROVE IT into the crusher

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US expansion for Carbon Trade Exchange  —
As Director and Chief Strategic Officer for CTX in the US, Lee will be responsible for developing new markets and implementing the overall strategy and business model, with an initial focus on the North American markets.

Air Berlin says fundamental change needed  — Reuters
Analysts say Air Berlin needs to set out a clear strategy and business model if it is to improve its standing in the long term.

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