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Corporate Citizenship is focused on delivering sustainability strategies that drive innovation, cost savings and brand equity for your business.

Leading companies view corporate responsibility strategy as an essential element of planning for business growth. For them, sustainability strategy is a source of product innovation, cost savings, new processes and more.

Corporate Citizenship has over a decade’s experience developing sustainability strategy to meet such objectives. Our tried and tested methodology identifies key focus areas that align with business priorities, and provides guidance on strategy implementation, goal and target setting and stakeholder communication. Our approach will help you to define a sustainability plan that sets you apart – and then communicate it effectively to internal and external audiences.

Corporate Citizenship- Inclusive Business ModelKey pillars in corporate responsibility strategy development:

  • Where are we now? The most effective corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy begins with a clear assessment of the current state of the business. Our internal audit service is tailored to your business priorities and provides a baseline for future development.
  • Where do we want to be? Our benchmarking service provides key insights into best practice amongst peer group companies and includes analysis of your position amongst competitors and future planning.
  • What do stakeholders expect? We stress test your developing corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy against stakeholder expectations through desk research, surveys, interviews and workshops.
  • What really matters to the business? Corporate Citizenship’s Materiality Mapping process engages with internal stakeholders to identify the issues that matter most to your business.
  • Defining sustainability strategy From expressing your corporate vision and crafting a mission statement through to setting clear objectives, we work both to develop your sustainability strategy and express it clearly.
  • Implementing corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy We provide guidance on embedding your corporate responsibility strategy within your business, adjusting organizational structures and resources and identifying targets and KPIs.

And that is their business strategy

by --

Part of why we're dropping our membership.
I just saw a documentary about Costco on CNBC, and it emphasized that their business model is that people will always pick up a few extra things that they didn't plan on since they have limited supplies of so many things (toys, books, plants, etc.). I don't like to be played like that.

Heres the business model,

by metacogitans

We don't BUY the debt, we TAKE ON the debt.. genius, right? A sound business strategy. Then we spend all of our freetime kindly asking people if they could make a contribution towards paying the debt we were nice enough to lift off their shoulders. And if no one ever pays, well then I die as one very indebted man.
It might just be crazy enough to work, if the system doesn't have a shit-fit and implode that is

Agribusiness and Monsanto

by lateral_thinker

Just an anecdote about this .
On our vacation last year through the badlands of Alberta ( milk River)
we ran into an old couple at breakfast in our motel. We shared a table. He was 80 and had recently sold his farm to a corporation. It was in the Peace river area. Farms up there are generally huge , I think he had a section.
He was not able to cover his margins with the cost of production and loans for production. He was a pioneer with his parents but his kids saw the writing on the wall and opted for careers. Monsanto was a dirty word and is in Alberta.
The strategy involved with Monsanto is the complete take over of agriculture using the law as a cudgel

I don't care what his business model

by RoseRoad

Or marketing strategy is. i just like to listen to him sometimes.
actually, maybe i do care, because i thought it was crappy when he came out with diet bars and other diet food to supplement his weight-loss plan, because i thought part of the basis of his plan was how to eat 'real food' and maintain a healthy weight for yourself.

US expansion for Carbon Trade Exchange  —
As Director and Chief Strategic Officer for CTX in the US, Lee will be responsible for developing new markets and implementing the overall strategy and business model, with an initial focus on the North American markets.

Air Berlin says fundamental change needed  — Reuters
Analysts say Air Berlin needs to set out a clear strategy and business model if it is to improve its standing in the long term.

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