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Business models VS market structure

Business Model Process: A Structure for Success

business-modelThe opportunity for CleanTech is large and growing. Cleantech is a $1.1 trillion dollar global market. It is growing at twice the global growth rate, or 4 times the growth rate of the United States. I agree with Tom Steyer(1) statement that “climate change is our biggest generational challenge and the biggest opportunity of our time.” Clearly there are many limitations and problems associated with our current practices of energy, water, waste management, pollution, agriculture and housing. The nature of the change needed to fix these will be disruptive and extensive. Whenever you change basic assumptions that have existed for multiple generations it causes changes and changes are not easy for people. These changes will impact the way we live and require innovative business models. Many new clean tech companies with good technology will not survive because they do not have a viable business model.Business LayersV2 Many incumbents will fail if they are not able to develop an adaptive business model to support the required transition. Kodak is a classic example of such a company.

Of the 4 critical success factors (Vision, Business Model, Leadership and Organizational Execution), the business model if understood and implemented as a process is the least costly and most effective way to assure success over time. While it is important for any company, it is even more critical for companies in the Cleantech Industry because of the disruptive nature of change, the complexity of the technology and the cost and time associated with commercialization.

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Tyrone McFarlin's Making the Movie is HOT!

by Searchingfortalent

Milwaukee, WI. (Feb. 16th, 2007) – On March 17th 2007 CITY STAGE will host the Open Call for award winning filmmaker Tyrone McFarlin’s new TV show, MAKING THE MOVIE.
From living in a home with no electricity for over 8 months, Tyrone McFarlin to ran an exception cord to his neighbors power source and decided to use his talents and start a web site business.
Today McFarlin is best known for helping thousands of Actors, Models, Singers and Dancers turn their dreams into reality. This internet guru has used his unuiqe online promotion and marketing skills and has attracted over 1.5 million viewers to his personal web site

Consumers - stand up to RE industry

by expensive_but_changeable

Over the last 5 years, average sales commissions may have dropped from 6% to 5%, as an increasing number of home buyers and sellers consider using non-traditional approaches to transacting real estate.
It's important that we make this trend continue by: pushing hard for cheaper and better services, calling out cases of dishonesty and fraud, and supporting more democratic options like publicly available, comprehensive and up-to-date sales "comps," full MLS listings, flat-fee pricing, FSBO, and more.
The following article talks is just one of many talking about changes that already have taken place--and what opportunities still await real estate consumers

Seafood park proposed to meet demands  — FIS
Further project objectives are to stress successful business models, address supply chain and infrastructure related issues, increase income levels of fishermen by linking them with demand side of the food chain and provide a platform for industry ..

Doing God's work in a Capitalist World  — Forbes India
Every morning in the African bush there wakes a gazelle, looks at the morning sun and thinks, “How am I going to outrun the fastest lion?” That same morning rises a lion, looks at the same sun and thinks, ” Will I be able to outrun the slowest gazelle?”.

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More than €500m needed to repair water system  — The Nationalist
.. and paying it back," said Gerry Grant, Head of Asset Management at Irish Water. "That is the model that both ESB and Bord Gáis use to invest in their infrastructure.

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