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Business events Analysis and Modeling

Process Modeling & Analysis

Intelligent Diagramming

Capture, Analyze and Design your processes as a foundation for continuous improvement

iGrafx solutions enable Process Analysts, Process Methodologists and Process Improvement teams to perform Process Analysis and Design quickly and easily while providing a full breadth of features well beyond an ordinary mapping tool.

iGrafx three core modeling products are designed to allow different continuous improvement roles accomplish their tasks most effectively, whether as standalone tools or integrated with other iGrafx solutions in an enterprise-wide approach to process excellence.

Process Modeling and Analysis Products

  • Maximize mapping productivity and minimize errors

    Nobody does diagramming like iGrafx. Creating and editing process maps, whether they use cross-functional Swimlanes® or BPMN 2.0, is made easy with out-of-the-box templates and lots of features to help create diagrams that communicate exactly what you want with minimal clicks. Automatic correct-by-construction and rules checking capabilities will ensure BPMN diagrams meet notation standards and help enforce process compliance. Top-down hierarchical process modeling will help you focus on what’s essential.

  • Achieve breakthrough improvements through reducing waste

    Create classic or extended Value Stream Maps quicker than with pen and paper, and save time by taking advantage of automatic calculations, work balancing graphs and data roll-up. Editing your VSMs is easy once they’re captured in electronic format as is sharing them with others in your organization.

  • Document your business beyond process maps

    iGrafx provides many different out-of-the box templates such as Cause and Effect (fishbone), Org Charts, Manufacturing Layout, SIPOC and more. iGrafx spreadsheet capability allows additional business information capture and documentation, with data then available to be integrated and shared among diagrams.Wide Selection of Diagram Types With a wide range of palette shapes and diagramming flexibility, create your own custom templates.

  • Communicate process across borders

    Author multilingual diagrams in various languages and view content in your preferred language via the web to effectively collaborate with team members worldwide and communicate with global audiences.

  • Easily share your processes and related content

    Share any iGrafx diagrams or processes with your peers as PDF documents as well as HTML and Microsoft® Office documents. And don’t worry about page parameters or how your process...

Wide Selection of Diagram Types Model Publishing Powerful Discrete Event Simulation Multiple Scenario Analysis Reporting
Springer The Statistical Analysis of Recurrent Events (Statistics for Biology and Health)
Book (Springer)

Lower level positioning, Part 1

by Career-Hunter

Cost and General Accounting / Forecasting & Planning / Financial Analysis / Budgets / Cash Flow GAAP / Modeling / SOX / IT / Training / OPEX & CAPEX / Internal Controls
Broad industry background includes telecommunications, equipment financing, logistics and consulting with Fortune 500
companies such as Sears, Borg-Warner, US West and Continental Can Co. and smaller business units. Provide innovative solutions to resolve complex financial problems. Lead successful IT/IS projects.
* Spearheaded creation of comprehensive business solution for BigCampus
* Found $120K in telecomm over-billings in less than one week
* Created full financial system to enable launch of internal profit center
* Increased revenues of high-margin products for PNG client
* Transformed cost center into moneymaking profit center to save $1

Seafood park proposed to meet demands  — FIS
Further project objectives are to stress successful business models, address supply chain and infrastructure related issues, increase income levels of fishermen by linking them with demand side of the food chain and provide a platform for industry ..

Doing God's work in a Capitalist World  — Forbes India
Every morning in the African bush there wakes a gazelle, looks at the morning sun and thinks, “How am I going to outrun the fastest lion?” That same morning rises a lion, looks at the same sun and thinks, ” Will I be able to outrun the slowest gazelle?”.

Springer Modelling Extremal Events: for Insurance and Finance (Stochastic Modelling and Applied Probability)
Book (Springer)
  • Used Book in Good Condition

More than €500m needed to repair water system  — The Nationalist
.. and paying it back," said Gerry Grant, Head of Asset Management at Irish Water. "That is the model that both ESB and Bord Gáis use to invest in their infrastructure.

eBooks (McGraw-Hill Osborne Media)
Wiley-Interscience Applied Survival Analysis: Regression Modeling of Time to Event Data
Book (Wiley-Interscience)
Springer Introduction to Discrete Event Systems
Book (Springer)

New Metro-North rail schedule riles some commuters  — Middletown Press
An agency spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Ridership has doubled on the Waterbury line, according to Gildea and Anders. “Successful business models invest in their product first, realizing customers will follow,” Gildea said.

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