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Types of Internet business models

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M2M scorecard for Communication Service ProvidersConnectivity is necessary, but not sufficient for the Internet of Things (IoT). As I discussed in an earlier blog posting, connectivity is one of the elements of an IoT solution: it’s the part that provides LAN and/or WAN communications between the hardware layer (equipment) and the application layer. See Figure 1.

Connectivity makes IoT possible as do IP-ready devices, professional services, data analytics and applications. But not all connectivity is equal. Today there are plenty of connectivity options for enterprises wishing to launch an IoT solution. Moreover, suppliers of connectivity – including mobile connectivity – are implementing many changes in their businesses to support current and future IoT opportunities. Analysys Mason just completed a careful analysis of seven mobile network operators’ M2M businesses. See Figure 2. These connectivity suppliers are focusing on their IoT strategies and prioritizing opportunities; crafting new partnerships that supply technology and channels-to-market; determining where best to participate in the IoT supply chain; refining their organizational structures and the placement of people in their organizations to support opportunities; and redefining their enterprise personas or brands to match the future IoT world.

But what are the consequences of those changes? Let’s address some of the questions I frequently get about IoT changing the M2M world.

Question: How will business models change? We will start to see new, innovative business models. We will see product-centric enterprises start selling services. We will see IoT suppliers engaging in wholesale, rather than retail businesses. We will see models where enterprises will sell IoT solutions to other enterprises that will in turn sell those IoT solutions to consumers. We will also see the coupling of multiple IoT solutions to provide integrated solutions that rely on mash-ups of data. Enterprises will jointly market, sell and support these new IoT solutions.

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How about becoming a Day Trader? Good Business

by DrZombie

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Bunky sock, why did you claim to have worked

by -

in IT security, when even a 10 year-old knows a better way to find a proxy than to google this, like you did, and a real IT security pro has proxies at the ready anyway?
yes, he used to do IT security < - > 05/16 19:25:38

You have never worked in IT security
You are not building a company to fix the corrupt healthcare system
You have not built a "logic matrix model" that allows you to predict anything
You do not advise start-ups on hiring CEOs
You are no

Seafood park proposed to meet demands  — FIS
Further project objectives are to stress successful business models, address supply chain and infrastructure related issues, increase income levels of fishermen by linking them with demand side of the food chain and provide a platform for industry ..

Doing God's work in a Capitalist World  — Forbes India
Every morning in the African bush there wakes a gazelle, looks at the morning sun and thinks, “How am I going to outrun the fastest lion?” That same morning rises a lion, looks at the same sun and thinks, ” Will I be able to outrun the slowest gazelle?”.

More than €500m needed to repair water system  — The Nationalist
.. and paying it back," said Gerry Grant, Head of Asset Management at Irish Water. "That is the model that both ESB and Bord Gáis use to invest in their infrastructure.

New Metro-North rail schedule riles some commuters  — Middletown Press
An agency spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Ridership has doubled on the Waterbury line, according to Gildea and Anders. “Successful business models invest in their product first, realizing customers will follow,” Gildea said.

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