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Progressive agency business Models

Progressive Agency Business Models

progressive-300A progressive new kind of firm is redefining what it means to be an advertising agency. Responding to the massive disruptive change in the marketplace, these firms are taking inventive new approaches to the ways they’re structured, the services they provide, and the ways they make money.

This idea-packed workshop explores how and why agencies need a new “OS” – a new operating system that supports the way brands are built now. We’ll show how new models can help agencies become much more valuable partners to their clients, including:

  1. Agencies as product developers
  2. Agencies as intellectual property owners
  3. Agencies as talent networks
  4. Agencies as studios
  5. Agencies as marketing labs

Even though many agencies are struggling to make the revenues and margins they’re used to, the fact is there is just as much money being spent in marketing as there ever was. It’s just that these dollars are being spent in new and different ways, and the budgets that were usually allocated to traditional agencies are being reallocated to initiatives and channels that have to do with “marketing” but not necessarily “advertising.”

We’ll look at how and why agencies must respond by:

  • Identifying and meeting the unsatisfied needs of today’s marketers
  • Applying a new definition of “creativity” to what agencies do
  • Selling solutions instead of services
  • Decoupling “Magic” from “Logic”
  • Expanding your expertise to all four Ps of marketing — not just Promotion
  • Working in real-time, not just long-term
  • Developing IP in addition to work for hire
  • Defining your firm beyond your four walls
  • Adopting the techniques and philosophies of “agile”
  • Developing new revenue streams
  • Getting into the business of marketing invention
  • Viewing compensation agreements as a financial portfolio

In the agency world, as everywhere, there are insurgents and incumbents. The agencies that will be successful in the coming decade and beyond are those who understand what they really sell: not services or capabilities, but rather the promise of a transformed brand. That’s the perspective you’ll gain in this presentation, and it will help both you and your agency feel more energized about your ability to create much more value for your clients.

Who should attend

This content is designed for senior agency professionals and is particularly appropriate for agency leaders and managers.

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by navel

One reason is economies of scale. Unless your business model is very unique, it's a waste of resources to reinvent the wheel. Off the shelf or outsourced solutions have already solved the technical problems.
Another reason is traffic. You spend $20,000 on a slick e-commerce site with real time inventory and fulfillment (OK, more like $100K) then how long will it take for online sales volume to break even? One reason why Amazon, EBay, and Abebooks are successfull is because they alrady have millions of visitors and product-specific search engines.
That's why I asked about your brand

New power company was to be the next enron

by newwaystodefrauad

In November 1999, Enron Corp. Chief Executive Kenneth Lay and one of his senior executives, Lou Pai, set out to create the first online retailer of electricity and natural gas.
The new company, which they eventually called NewPower Holdings Inc., was aimed at allowing homeowners to shop for energy just like they bought books from Inc.
Like Enron's investments in industries as diverse as water treatment and broadband capacity, the NewPower venture was a high-risk gamble. Like those other projects, it contributed to the energy trader's demise.
In the first nine months of this year, NewPower lost $173 million on $245 million in revenue

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