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Business plan for Modeling agency sample

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Market Summary

ESR possess good information about the market and knows a great deal about the common attributes of the most prized customers. This information will be leveraged to better understand who is served, their specific needs, and how ESR can better communicate with them.

Market Analysis

Market Analysis
2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
Potential Customers Growth CAGR
High-tech firms 14% 245 279 318 363 414 14.01%
Non-high-tech firms 10% 126 139 153 168 185 10.08%
Other 0% 0.00%
Total 12.72% 371 418 471 531 599

Market Needs

ESR is providing the Minneapolis community with a sophisticated, effective, executive search service. Executive Search and Rescue seeks to fulfill the following benefits that are important to its customers.

  • Fast Service: Often companies cannot recognize their hiring needs until it is too late. Therefore typical customers appreciate a fast placement service.
  • Accuracy: The ability to accurately find a candidate who has the necessary skills, as well a match with the company culture.
  • Customer Service: Satisfaction guaranteed.

Market Trends

The market trend for placement services is a specialization of the placement services.

  • Specialization has occurred because of a need for more accurate or predictive placement that occurs with specialization.
  • With the booming technology sector, it is now sustainable to have a placement agency that specializes on this sector.

Market Growth

In 2000 the executive search industry achieved $453 million in revenue. The industry's growth is projected to be 8% for the next five years.

Part of the fuel for this growth is the recognition that executive search firms are more efficient in finding executives than the internal HR department of most companies. This trend of outsourcing is not unique to executive placements, but can be seen in many different industries from payroll to accounting.

SWOT Analysis

The following SWOT analysis captures the key strengths and weaknesses within the company and describes the opportunities and threats facing Executive Search and Rescue.


  • Strong networking web within the community.
  • Sophisticated, predictive screening mechanisms.
  • Industry insight based on pragmatic experience.


  • Weak initial cash flow.
  • The lack of brand equity, a function of a start-up organization.
  • The inability to scale rapidly.


  • Participation in a growing industry.
  • Low overhead.
  • The ability to decrease fixed costs per sale as business picks up.


  • A lack of immunity from an industry downturn.
  • The attractiveness of the industry has encouraged new entrants and competition may increase as a result.

RE: The reason why this is a scam...

by loundo77

I'm glad everyone doesn't know as little as you do about the travel industry; particularly about the cruise industry specifically.
The cruise lines don't allow travel agencies to advertise discounted pricing, but allow the agency to either offer "value ads" like on board credit, or allow you to discount once negotiations start. So, repeat travelers know not to just book cruises online. Let me use Orbitz for travel? I used to work for the company who Orbitz outsourced to do their cruises.
If you do research, less than 10% of people who book cruises do so online without the help of a travel agent

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